August 18, 2009

Team StopTech Surges Behind CEO Crescentini

Dino Crescentini, CEO of StopTech, proved he could handle pressure by winning the SCCA SPEED World Challenge race at Watkins Glen, where his company just happened to be shooting a commercial.

He did it again this weekend by earning his way onto the podium at the Road America Grand Prix, presented by...wait for it..StopTech. You would think the the brighter the light shining on Dino, the faster he drives. But in his defense, his victory at Watkins Glen was less intrusive than usual. His in-car camera was accidentally disabled for the race, denying the rest of us the in-the-driver's seat experience originally planned.

Our sister blog, The Brake Room, continues to chronicle the Team StopTech season and its current quest for 25 visits to the podium or pole-positioning-earning qualifying laps in 2009. It includes a closer look at Team StopTech rising star and video from the Turner Motorsport victory in Canada.

These experiences don't just filter down to the StopTech products. They are the StopTech products. Team StopTech rides on mostly stock components from traditional BBKs to the Trophy Brake System...none of that "inspired by" BS. StopTech delivers the real deal right from the track.