March 9, 2010

Edmunds has praise for StopTech / Power Slot Mazda3

StopTech & Power Slot are praised in the review of Mazda’s 3S Grand Touring SEMA vehicle.


If you were wondering if Mazda reused the special StopTech brakes from the Mazdaspeed 3 SEMA for this car, we can confirm that they were indeed recycled, repainted and fitted to this car.

The SEMA team also replaced the stock discs with Powerslot rotors and then used Mazda 5 calipers for the rear brakes (painted to match the StopTechs, of course). This brake setup improved initial bite and delivered more progressive effectiveness with better feel from the pedal.

The overall action is very much like that of a racing car, as braking effect is related to pressure on the pedal rather than travel of the brake pedal. Nice job, guys.”

We agree.

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