April 12, 2011

Photos: Getting Ready at Willow Springs for Long Beach Grand Prix

With the Grand Prix of Long Beach just a few days away, right in StopTech's backyard, a trio of teams showed up to the Streets of Willow Springs out in the desert for some track testing of StopTech equipped cars

Another beautiful day to drive very fast on a closed course
TruSpeed came by with a pair of racers
The GMG Racing team was also in the house
Of course StopTech was on hand with their Porsche
Multiple cars on the test track at once means paying attention
Rob Morgan's TruSpeed Porsche wears StopTech Trophy brakes
Getting ready to roll onto the track

A great course with lots of turns
heading into the straightaway

Make all the noise you want - nobody is around

Not just a Porsche day, GMG brought along the EVO X

Making a sharp turn at speed look easy

A little cat and mouse between Porsches

Looking back down the straightaway and pits

One for the road
As a bonus, Telsa was shooting a commercial for their 4 door on the next track