June 23, 2011

StopTech Racing Testimonial from John Buttermore

Photo Courtesy Jeff Lowe - jlofoto.net

We love receiving mail from our customers and occasionally like to share them with you. We just got this note from John M. Buttermore of Nearbrook Motorsports.  John is running a Corvette in SCCA T1, and taking home a lot of hardware. This update from John talks about his experience at Road America during the June Sprints. It's a great testimonial from a great competitor. Congratulations John and best of luck the rest of the season.

Hi guys,

      Last weekend I went to Road America for the June Sprints.  I ran on the same brakes (rotors and pads) that I ran on for a full race distance at Mid-Ohio (with 10 of the 19 laps under the track record no less!).  Ran an 8 lap practice, and 2 qualifying sessions at Road America without needing an additional rotor change.  8 laps doesn't sound like a lot, but at Road America that is a ton of practice laps.

     The car was fastest in all sessions and we won from the pole leading every lap, it was a very wet track so the brakes didn't really get worked as hard as they normally would.  But there is not a more difficult test for brakes than Road America and for the first time I can go into every braking zone with confidence that I will be getting consistent stopping power.  I couldn't be any more pleased with how these brakes have worked for me all year.

Results from the June Sprints:
we are group 6

More pictures from Mid-Ohio: (go under the gallery tab in the top left and navigate to the June 2011 races):

John M Buttermore
Nearbrook Motorsports