May 18, 2010

Porsche Cayman Interseries turns to StopTech with Rave Reviews

The 2010 Cayman Interseries came to a better stop in Round Three at Road America thanks to upgrades to StopTech brakes for each Porsche Cayman S racing in the series.

Representatives of the race series contacted StopTech after the first two rounds showed that the 2009-10 Porsche Cayman S cars driven by each team could use more bite in going into the turns.

StopTech came to the rescue with front kits that included a pair of slotted 355x32 fully floating AeroRotors with billet aluminum AeroHats patented for their ability to provide cooling airflow paired with forged, high performance patented ST-60 six piston calipers.

The improvement was so notable that The Cayman Interseries' Director of Competition, Jack Baldwin, was inspired to send the folks at StopTech a letter. He beamed that the drivers were "treated to the thrill of superior braking from which they had never experienced before."  It was such a night and day experience from the prior brakes that he "had to go out and do a few laps so I could tell the guys where their new braking points were. The look on their faces when I told them...was priceless. I would like to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at Stop Tech."

His words.

Looks like StopTech made the right call when they trademarked "Brake Late, Finish First."