May 30, 2010

Will Turner Speaks out about StopTech brakes recently posted an interview with Will Turner of Turner Motorsport in which he had a pretty flattering story to tell about how StopTech shaped his racing career...

"I had a BMW 3-series--Euro spec, and very quick-- and I got involved with the BMW car club days at Lime Rock Park I would go to every day that I could sign up for. Eventually, I started using these StopTech Brakes on my car, and it made me look like a hero out there."

"Everyone wanted to know how it was happening, and I just told them what I'd done. Someone said, 'well, get me some!' and I just started selling brake pads at these events from out of the trunk of my car. That's how I'd fund my track time, my StopTech Brakes, and the R-compound tires, and Turner Motorsport came from that."
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