May 18, 2011

Bimmerfest 2011: The Racecars


At Bimmerfest 2011 last weekend, we spotted a lot of StopTech equipped cars that caught our eye. We also saw a lot of classic BMWs that were just as eye-catching. From the ex-David Hobbs 1977 320 Turbo IMSA Camel GT winner, to the ProCar M1, to the E46 M3 ALMS GT2 car, there were also quite a few notable BMW racecars in Pasadena on Saturday.

We already mentioned the stunning Earl Shephed Art Car Z4 M (top), the former Crevier E46 NASA Club racer driven by Jeff Sykes, but there were plenty more. We’ve collected a few more here, and you'll probably notice that not all of them are wearing the BMW Roundel.

The David Hobbs car was a real throwback. That massive rear wing and front air dam practically doubled the length of the 320 it was based on. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter "M12" engine that produced 650 hp, this 1,936-lb car won several races over two seasons in the IMSA Camel GT series.

The BMW M1 was the first "M" car from BMW. To show off its high performance capabilities, BMW built 50 specially modified versions to run in Procar, an all-star racing series similar to IROC and ROC, which came much later. The Procar M1 used a 500 hp version of the 24-valve inline-6 "M88/1" engine with that gave them a top speed approaching 200 mph. In turbocharged form, that same engine could generate nearly 1000 hp.

Matt Rose's 1971 2002 ti was another gem at the Rose Bowl, done up in the famous blue and orange Gulf livery.

The ALMS GT2 E46 M3 that was near the Hobbs 320 looked like it had just come from Sebring 2007.

This Jagermeister Porsche 962 in the Pelican Parts booth certainly looked a bit out of place in this BMW-only playground, but nobody seemed to be complaining.

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