June 8, 2011

Nearbrook Motorsports StopTech-equipped Vette

We got a note from John Buttermore of Nearbrook Motorsports.  He is  running a T1 Corvette with StopTech Trophy brakes in the SCCA Nationals with 3 wins and one DNF, 4 races into the season.

"I have not yet needed to replace any of the StopTech components, only a set of front pads. My front caliper operating temperature is down 75 degrees from before and the pedal feel is consistent fro.m the start all the way through the finish of the race. In addition with my rebalanced piston sizes I have had ABS system failures unrelated to the hardware and when it does give out, the hydraulic balance is so good lap times are hardly affected at all."

Big Brake Kits feature ultra-lightweight racing calipers in four- or six-piston configurations providing a significant weight reduction without sacrificing stiffness or performance. Full floating versions of StopTech’s patented AeroRotor/AeroHat two-piece rotors eliminate pad knock-back and increase cooling airflow for consistent performance and pedal feedback under the unique combination of hard cornering and braking found on the track.